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3 Feb

3 February 1875 – Birth of Clara Matilda Saul at Seven Oaks near Kempsey. Clara was the 8th of 10 children and the 4th and last daughter, born to James and Jane Saul of Seven Oaks, near kempsey, NSW.  She was educated at Seven Oaks School and when she was 13 years old was appointed pupil teacher at the school. When she was 18 she was transferred to the Grassy Head School and it was here she met her future husband carpenter Robert Jamieson, son of pilot Captain John Jamieson. In 1914, the Jamiesons opened at sawmill at Frederickton. In 1965 Clara was part of the 100th anniversary celebrations at Seven Oaks/Bellimbopinni School. There she met Lorraine Saul (the author of this blog). Clara was the oldest living pupil and member of the Saul family to attend the school, and Lorraine was the last of a continuous line of Saul family members to attend the school. Clara passed away aged 99 in 1974. She is buried along with her husband at Frederickton cemetery.

3 February 1904 – Birth of Richard Edward Saul at Sandgate Queensland. Richard was the 7th of 13 children born to James and Mary Saul of Sandgate Queensland. James was the eldest child of James and Jane Saul of the Lower Macleay at Kempsey. When a young man he moved to Queensland and found work with the Telegraph Office as a linesman. Around 1904 the family were living in Hoskins Street Sandgate. Richard died in 1923, the same year as his brother William. They are buried together in Bald Hills Cemetery, Bracken Ridge in Brisbane.


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1 Feb


1 February 1943 – Death of Catherine Ann Saul. Kate as she was known was born at Grassy Head to Lawrence and Kate Hunter in 1884. She married Angus Douglas Saul on 8 January 1908. Doug was the 10th and last child of William and Janet Saul.

Doug and Kate had three children, Catherine Janet (Kitty), Sarah Isabelle (Belle) and William Lawrence (Bill). They lived in the home of Janet, and Doug became responsible for this home farm. Janet retired to Frederickton around the time of their marriage, leaving Doug and Kate to farm the property. They had a very social life on the farm at Bellimbopinni (previously Seven Oaks) on the Macleay River. They entertained friends with tennis and swimming in the river.

Sadly Kate died in 1943 and Doug left the management of the farm to his son Bill. Doug moved into his mother’s Frederickton home and lived there until his death in 1960. Kate and Doug are buried in the family plot in Frederickton cemetery.

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7 Jan

7 January 1903 – Marriage of James Robert (Rob) Saul to Marion Welsh. They married in Welsh’s Union Church Taylor’s Arm. Rob’s brother Ted was a witness along with Bernice Welsh, Marion’s younger sister. They settled on their farm at Bellimbopinni. They had 11 children, one would die as a new born and another, Donald Cyrus died in Bardia Egypt during the Second World War. Rob died suddenly of a heart attack on 27 November 1926 when his youngest child Joyce was just 18 months old. Marion contined on the farm with the help of her children. She died on 6 November 1957. They are buried together in Frederickton cemetery, in the Saul plot.

Rob and Marion Saul wedding

On this Day

7 Jan

7 January 1906– Death of James Saul at South West Rocks, NSW. Before emigrating to Australia, James lived with his parents, William and Mary Ann in Eastgate, near Cawston, a town 12 miles northeast of Norwich, Norfolk.

William Saul had married Mary Ann Lowe from nearby Buxton. They married in the twelfth century St Agnes parish church in Cawston on 13 July 1829. Afterwards they settled in Buxton for a time, where James was born and baptised on 20 September 1829. Within a few years they had moved to Cawston. Another 11 siblings would follow; the youngest Anna would not be one year old when James left home to emigrate.

James was an assisted passenger on the Rose of Sharon in 1855 along with his friend from Cawston, Henry High. Many immigrants on this ship travelled to Kempsey and began their new lives in the colony. A brother William arrived in 1859.

James married Irish immigrant Jane Stone on 19 October 1859 at Christmas Creek near Frederickton, Lower Macleay River. James and Jane were tenants on the Seven Oaks estate and at Kinchela.

James and Jane went on to have 10 children. Their children attended Seven Oaks Public School with daughter Clara training as a pupil teacher at the school.

Their first child James left home as a young man and found work in Queensland. He lived there all his life with his family. Martin, Annie and Bill never married, but lived on the Lower Macleay all their lives. In November 1887, Mary was accidentally drowned while swimming in the Macleay River after school. She was 14 years old. Her youngest sibling died as a baby in 1881. Richard (Dick), Sarah and Clara married locally and raised large families. Another brother Henry married but had no children.

James and Jane were a brave couple, to be admired for their fortitude in the hard times. They also overcame their divergent religious upbringings. James, a protestant and Jane a Catholic apparently agreed that they would raise their sons Anglicans and their daughters Catholics. Maybe Jane won the argument for she buried her husband James on 9 January 1906 with their baby son in the Catholic section of Frederickton cemetery. She joined them in 1916.

James Saul (18209-1906) was born in Buxton (near Cawston) Norfolk England. He was the eldest child of William and Mary Ann Saul. In 1855 he emigrated to New South Wales on the Rose of Sharon. Along with many of his shipbourd friends he found employment in the macleay Valley, especialyy on farms on the Lower Macleay. James worked as a ploughman on the Seven Oaks estate for the Oakes family. He married Jane Stone in 1858. Jane had been working in the Oakes household. James's brother William followed James to NSW and the Macleay Valley in 1859.

James Saul (1829-1906)

Janet Saul’s nephew – a fallen officer of the Great War

6 Jan

Lina Moffitt has written a wonderful new history Kitchener’s 100 – on some of the doctors who served during World War I. She wrote: ‘There were many doctors from around the world who volunteered to help their fellow soldiers. This snapshot of 100 Australian, British and New Zealand doctors exemplifies the commitment and courage made by all’.

The Saul family has a connection with one of these doctors – Arthur Cyril Albert Jekyll. He was Janet Saul’s nephew, the son of Ellen Jekyll, Janet’s sister. Ellen Gray married George Jekyll in 1874 in Glen Innes. They raised 5 children in Emmaville, the youngest being Arthur. George ran a hotel and along with his sons ran a number of cattle properties. In early 1900 Arthur was sent to Newington College for his education. George and Ellen retired to Sydney around 1912 and lived at Randwick while Arthur attended medical school at the University of Sydney. George died in January 1914 before the war and well before his beloved son Captain Arthur Jekyll would be killed in action in France in May 1916. Arthur Jekyll had joined the Royal Army Medical Corps and was killed in action. He was buried in Vermelles British cemetery. At the time of his death his mother Ellen was living in Lismore with her daughter Mildred and son in law Hutton Burgess.

For more information on Lina’s book Kitchener’s 100  – visit http://www.australiandoctorsww1.com/


Background reading

12 Dec

st agnes book

Within these ancient walls by Susie Timms, published in 2013. Not very often do you find a book of this size (469 pages) written about the parish church in the town in which your family lived. I am very excited to read this book as it provide me with a great deal of context for my SAUL family when they lived in Cawston. Susie also creates a format on which to understand the history of Cawston and its surrounding district, including the connection with Salle and Iteringham.

On this Day

23 May

23 May 1883– Marriage of Angus Campbell Sutherland to Mary Ann Saul in the primative Methodist Chapel at Smithtown. Mary Ann was the first child of William and Janet Saul of Seven Oaks, near Kempsey, NSW. Angus was the first of 14 children of Charles Sutherland and Jane Allders. Charles Sutherland was from Kilmuir Ross Shire Scotland and Jane had been born on the Macleay in 1841 to very early settlers, former convicts, Edward and Robina Allders.

On their wedding day, Mary Ann’s parents gave her a Bible with their best wishes. This Bible spent many years with the Macleay River Historical Society and has recently returned to the Sutherland family. Angus and Mary Ann built a home in Elbow Street where they had 11 children. Mary Ann died in 1918 and Angus in 1942.

Mary Ann and Angus Sutherland 

Angus and Mary Sutherland